“Sundown you better take care…”

Notes and words  stir me.                                 Wisk me back again in time.                             Only memories now.

©Nancilynn Saylor.                                            7 April 2017

There’s a bad moon on the rise

Odd night on the deck.                                                                                                           Memories rolling back-stir deep

“Don’t go’round tonight…”
©Nancilynn Saylor

10 February 2017

Winter antiphon -(Baby it’s cold outside)

Yesterday- spring like, yet
Overnight, change sneaks in

Winters chill lingers…                                                                                                           © Nancilynn Saylor  9 February 2017

This hazy shade of winter

Yesterday’s premature spring 

Slips back in winter’s womb


Silvery cloudbank obscures

Cerulean sky


Naked trees shimmy in

Puffs from northwest breezes


Two brown wrens visit 

Birdhouse on our sheltered porch. 

Nesting time draws near.
©Nancilynn Saylor 2017/2 February