I can feel a change coming in the air tonight…

 Today, our windows were thrown open,
air filtering through the wet morning fog and afternoon sun.
My heart is happy,
my soul smiled.
Romeo continues to work the garden beds
He’s planted a few tomato plants
sowed peas, radishes; he,
humbly, grumbly considered my potential
cucumber hoops instead of the standard upright trellis…
Since the execution of the chinaberry tree,
a few months ago,
we revel in the newly reclaimed sun!
Romeo loaded and hauled more compost and manure;
while the tiny dog and I were basking in the late sun’s glow!
In the night the winds will shift
bringing a chance of early March storms…
amid blessed, whispered for, prayed for,
We push our springtime garden envelopes
 here in Central Texas
“In like a lion-out-like a lamb”
I, a Lioness!
Romeo, my Lamb!

The face in the mirror

My face
is rumpled…
a splash of sunlight
and smiles,
of freckles
and porcelain…
of promises broken
and fulfilled
of motherhood and loss
of motherhood and disappointment
of love and
of ecstasy  
and constant sorrow
of the woodlands and the meadow
of the shoreline and the sea
of the firmament
and the cosmos
my face
the clear reflection
of my Creator.

Valentine Moon


Valentine sky

filled with the soft tawny glow

of this February Moon;

Snow Moon of the Human Beings,

the natives of this land.

First pulled to the window

then all the way outdoors to watch

the ascent in the eastern darkness

staring and moving to view

the beauty

from behind the naked trees

my bare feet on the concrete

still warm from an uncommon burst

of spring-like temperatures today.

As the Moon shimmers aloft,

I smile and shiver below, clad

only in my nightshirt, here

in the blackness

and the shadows of night.

I call him Romeo

but he was never really all

that romantic

or necessarily faithful…

My soul recognized his soul

thirty eight years ago

this Spring.

I was tangled up in

dreamy, impractical love

adoring and clinging,

jealous, possessive love.

Other women warned me

his grandmother, his mother

and both of his previous wives…

male friends warned me, too.

We formed a family unit

loose and expansive…

friends and lovers and others

flowed in and out of

our lives

My heart throbbed with an aching

love of him

Years past. As predicted

he drifted…

Just as predictably I reacted; it

did not end well.

However souls know…

often more than the human spirit.

When the spirit breaks loose

the soul turns blue

or if really wounded

turns purple.

My soul turned lavender first

progressing all the way to


Although apart more years

than we were together

but in concert now


Yesterday’s valentine

brought roses and wine,

candles and porcelain plates

laid out on a damask cloth-

to serve a well-thought out

special homemade dinner.

It was only he who could turn

 my icy heart again to


In winter’s grasp

I was hopeful, with the new year
to gather new inspiration
or, if not that
at least energy…
so far, not so.
It has been a January of inaction
I am a good
(or bad)
three weeks behind
in a poetry on-line class
I could not wait to begin…
I am paralyzed by
The cold, I used to long for
blows hard and for
too many days
and weeks.
you are weeks away-
I still long for you
to awaken the sleeping Earth.

Remains of my day

The rain splattering on the deck

awakened me before the alarms sequentially

started the morning wake up sequence.

Rain! I am hopeful that means fewer

grains of pollen per million as my head

is about to explode.

Traffic crawls.

I crawl with it. The hospital and it’s

normal insanity are not going anywhere…

Crisis follows mayhem; a new year but

nothing new…

The skin is peeling off my face from the past week

of frigid weather…the rain means it is warmer.

The day is gray, the mist penetrates the landscape

and my gloomy psyche.

Last  year, sunshine

on this date; we celebrated daddy’s 90th birthday.

This year he will celebrate in Heaven.