Saturday morning co-op basket

This morning I awakened early as it is Bountiful Basket morning at the Co-op I joined.



This morning I awakened early as it is Bountiful Basket morning at the Co-op I joined.

My treasures are:

8 lbs. of strawberries

10 apples

9 bananas

3 ripe mangos

4 onions

2 heads garlic

3 bunches of green onion

large romaine lettuce

2 endive

6 red tomatoes

2 orange peppers

12 jalapenos

2 endive

1 pound white mushrooms

3 pounds of purple potatoes

1 pound of tomatillos

large purple eggplant

5 fresh ears of sweet corn

huge bunch of radishes

a small artichoke

3 lemons

2 12”zucchini

2 loaves English muffin bread

I loaf of Oatmeal bread

I sourdour baguette

fresh basil, oregano, thyme

and a large bunch of cilantro


I am tasting,

in my head

purple potato salad

fresh garlic bread

 tomato sauce simmering

with mushrooms I smell

corn on the cob on the grill

as well

 strawberries to freeze

strawberries to munch

strawberries for me and my love

for our lunch

 many fresh salads with peppers

radishes and more

a bountiful harvest

fruit and veggies galore


The miracle of an Ordinary Saturday


Saturday, I chose to turn off the alarm and sleep as long as dreams would keep me.

I surrendered into the daylight right after it arrived. Instead of rising at 5:00 I snoozed

and sank back into my jumbled, confusing mind trips until six. I loved the weekend days so

there was little chance of sleeping longer. I heard the first cry of the white wing dove, cooing to the dawn and her tribe. This was a signal to me that I should start my day.


The day dawned with a grey and overcast sky. Rain never dampens the spirits of people who have been living in drought for years; living in drought and determined to garden. 

Thin nightgown clad and ever-present summer foot wear- my favorite leather sandals, I slipped from the house into the garden…past the lime trees and budding datura plants, past the first bunch of this winter’s onion crop, resting in the remains of the greenhouse, now being disassembled to free up additional space for plants on the small postage stamp concrete patio. The scent of roses beckons.

The fragrance of the remains of the chinaberry tree we aided in executing this past winter…now burst into what may be its last gasp of survival; this smell competes with the roses at the end of the house for olfactory enticement. I inhale the smells of Spring. 

I check the corn for new growth, tomatoes for baby fruit and pluck early sweet peas from their trellis…popping one into my mouth and savoring its freshness.

One the way back into the house, I snip several especially pretty roses for Romeo. I smile. 

Back inside, I realized I have been outside almost an hour watching the play of birds and admiring our simple backyard garden. I put on a pot of special, dark-roast coffee, knowing the smell would awaken my sleeping Prince. 

Weekends are delightful, even when ordinary.



Happy Earth Day to our lil blue speck

Morning broke
with a blush of rose-colored
Sunny afternoon-
a cloudless sky,
typical of spring
in my part of Texas
Earth Day
on our small blue planet.

I skipped out of work
to enjoy my small slice of Paradise
in the back
of the Robin’s egg blue
house on Bilbrook Place.

House Finch and Cardinals
Titmice and Grackle…
Resident neighborhood Cormorant
left a huge shadow
as she glided
over the horizon.

I raise my glass,
a toast
to the beauty that abounds..

Five red succulent strawberries
ready as I passed,
snow peas crying” pick me, pick me”,
Ruby throated Hummer
new to us this year
buzzed as I stood near
her feeder.

All is good in my world.

The sadness of today

Today we lost a friend.

The thief, this time- Pancreatic cancer.

He was younger than both of us.

I have an overwhelming sense of sadness;

A lump-in-throat,


Tony has departed the physical earth…

Remembering back to the night we met,

at his dad’s and Becky’s house…

Romeo was massaging Becky

and I was feeling excluded, and

at the very least, a teensy bit

new lover jealous.

Up walks young, handsome Tony

stands in front of me

with his arm above my head,

against the wall

he drew me into his arms

with passionate kisses


his lips, both soft and hard

against mine.

I thought him much younger than me,

5 years…

is all it was.

 Today, I feel mortal;

More mortal then with my own cancer

or the demon, MS.

Today my tears,

my prayers

are for Tony,

his wife, his young girls.



sweet Tony.

Your spirit will live in our hearts


Picking Roses for Romeo



A holiday! Free from the office madness

still awaken early, as is my habit;

birds not yet aroused.

I put on coffee to perk and my Christmas slippers

step outside to see what this dawn will bring.


The fragrance of roses

draws me down the damp, muddy path

still wet from yesterday’s rain.

The very best roses are at the very corner

of the house

where the pathway ends

and the deck begins 

When Romeo returned

after decades being away

he transplanted them from our neighbors yard

who did not care for Roses

and was pleased when I started tending them.

He offered them to us when he was moving away-

I said yes. 

My Yes

meant Romeo had to dig and pry them up

from their current space

repositioning them in our backyard.

I remember

He was not as overwhelmed with joy

as I. 


these many years after,

they flourish,

a testament to his care of them

and love for me.

This morning I snip a few of the finest specimens

tucking them into four

brilliant glass vases…

just to make him smile

when he





In dreams

Don’t you just hate it when you have

dreams that make no sense

even wile they are happening?

Last night was one of those nights

and I, for one, was happy when the

alarm stuck a wooden stake in it

ending the nightmares at 4:45…

Burned out offices, dead people- alive;

hanging out with people I do not even like…

and parallel parking.

That on it’s own a personal nightmare.

The stir-fry with hot Chinese mustard

was great, my love

but what it produced within my sleeping mind

was anything

but sweet dreams!