Blood Moons

My beloved tells me that the first of the tetrads-

full moons that happen to fall on Jewish feast days

this almost never happens


 last happened in 1948 and 1967

In the next 12 months it will happen

four times

We are not Jewish

but we pay attention…

Romeo is a biblical scholar

I am a watcher

of the Moon…



In dreams

Don’t you just hate it when you have

dreams that make no sense

even wile they are happening?

Last night was one of those nights

and I, for one, was happy when the

alarm stuck a wooden stake in it

ending the nightmares at 4:45…

Burned out offices, dead people- alive;

hanging out with people I do not even like…

and parallel parking.

That on it’s own a personal nightmare.

The stir-fry with hot Chinese mustard

was great, my love

but what it produced within my sleeping mind

was anything

but sweet dreams! 

Reverse Negative

Reverse Negative

In photography, a reverse negative is a print of the negative image

where once was light- now darkness where there is dark, it glows


I have moments in the shadows

seconds in the sunlight

there are epochs when daylight seems a darker shade

of night…

blue satin sky

inky velvet night

now this

my sixth decade

you find me find me balancing-



a golden gossamer thread

between life


eventual demise…

When I was 11

We visited my father’s favorite great aunt, Della

She of ample bosom fallen to waist line

still, much adored…

she, of faded, yellowed hair


who loved my dark, dark auburn hair…

In the mirror of her life

She saw the past reside in the freckled

face of an 11 year old me


I screeched

then ran down the steps from that wonderful wide

Wraparound porch

to the tool shed behind her garden

where squash and okra grew.

I sobbed.

Several lifetimes later,

While looking in old family

photo album as a child, my precious, favorite nephew picked

“me” out in a picture and wondered why

I was wearing those old timey clothes…

It was she,

not me in the photograph.

My now nearly 40 year old eyes

acknowledged what Aunt Dell saw in me

at eleven.


Spring Approximately

        Today, the Ides of March!

I wonder what  Caesar was feeling when he

awakened on this fateful day

many centuries past…


I, stepped out into Spring!

 A wet, overpowering dense fog

clinging to plants

obscuring everything…



the warm, wet morning

the ensuing rains

elicit a smile…


greeted by peas and radishes

in the garden

onions growing tall

tomato and pepper plants begging

to be planted


Is it spring?

is it spring?

is it spring they cry?


I declare it, at last…

in my world,

Spring is here


Cooking for my love


I go to work and come home tired

my love has cooked dinner-

yes, he’s retired;

on weekends I make fresh coffee

and breakfast creations

and do the dishes

and plan dinner…

All of this excitement…

This morning- breakfast pizza

 eggs , sausage, hash browns

grilled onions and peppers.

This evening- homemade


I wonder what life will reveal

if I no longer have a job.

Will I go crazy and get fat

from cooking?

Kind of scary…





Cooking winter memories

The breeze suddenly shifted,

the temps drift downward…


Romeo lugs the citrus trees back in the house
after the young tomato transplants

are covered.


Austin, Texas weather…

The gardeners challenge- 2014!


Pot of pintos on the stove with ham hock…

we’ll have cheese biscuits later, too.


Reminds me of my eldest son…

“What’s for dinner Mom? I’ll come make you a fire this afternoon”.


He loathed the cold…but loved fires.


I miss him today-

I won’t have that fire


His memory is warm and safe in

my heart.

It’s a great day to stay inside and write.