Tragedy strikes

My extended family, a

great grandson’s mom, died last night of

a heroin overdose.

She was twenty one.

 Her son, Caleb, is five

Holli, his sister, is about two.

Will they remember and miss their mom?

Her Mother is a Facebook friend of mine

and she will grieve this loss forever…


I grieve the loss of my own

eldest child…

who left no children behind

only parents, a brother and so many nieces, nephews, friends,

and others…

I grieve tonight for a Mother

and small children who will

never remember their Mama

except through other’s memories

of her.

R.I P. Hali

May Angels hold you in their arms tonight…



Soft spring morning

No alarm this morning

awakened by only soft dappled light

streaming through the white curtains

Grab coffee- warm creamy and comforting, then

out to admire the urban garden we

aspire to- rather than lawn that must be maintained.

Small chickadees play chase between the birdfeeders

and the tall ash tree from the neighbor’s yard, while a squirrel

clucks as she plans her next move.

The rain shower last evening brought out snails that I pluck from

green corn leaves; now

the corn is taller than me!

We have an outing with friends planned for later this morning

so I cannot linger in this place

where I could easily spend my lifetime….


On Monday, I came home after another brutal Monday

they, the Mondays,

all run together now.

I did not even step outside

to see what happened in the garden today…

Our garden, my Joy…                                                                                   

to be brutally honest I did not care.    

old joke-bad joke

“A  man comes home and kicks the dog”

At least

I did not do that!

my mood is every speck as dark


I may not live through the week…   



Inner turmoil

Time races forward towards June.

Soon it will be here,

the worst month of each year

when my Pied Piper

answered a whispered call,

he could or would-

not turn down…

I feel anxiety stretching taut

over me

head to toe

over me

like the five tiny kittens I once saw swaddled in


and tucked in a deep freeze

sometime after I went to bed…

It is my annual season of depression

when there are endless days I feel

I can’t continue here.

I feel the tears and pain of Mary

when she lost Jesus

well, sort of

I am without doubt not Mary-

and you were not really perfect.

It is not even June and I am in this dark space…

I daydream…

somewhere in the great beyond

you’ll journey by, in that other dimension

on a unicorn, your favored steed-

and chuckle…”come on now Mom

it has been ten years

We are all good here

don’t be sad

you’ll see me soon enough”.

Just now, Romeo calls to me!

come see the mystery revealed


our first Black Swallowtail Butterfly

of the season has

hatched from her cocoon…

Life, on

The sphere on earth,



I heard it snowed today in Denver

I heard it snowed today again in Denver

all the ground looks like a frosty, winter wonderland

Here in Texas it has been another a muggy day

why we aren’t getting rain I can’t quite understand


Storm clouds are moving up now from the coastline

they spread and shroud the Monday morning sky

The pressure in the air is heavy as a stone

We’ll  be getting 5 inches later, forecasts say


Sometimes I get wistful when I hear about the snowfall

I think back to other springs in several lifetimes past

I see young boys in snowsuits bundled up against the cold

and smile at the brief memories but the visuals don’t last


I am glad they got the snow today in Denver

I hope we’ll see the promised rain before the morning light

Today, I’ll celebrate my loved ones 71st birthday

It’s a good enough life Romeo, I wish you peaceful dreams tonight .









¡Me estoy sonrojando!


I spent the day in the kitchen…

for breakfast, French Toast, which I learned many decades ago is called “lost bread”in Louisiana…likely because that is what they use the “bread-past-its-prime” to make. I used fresh Oat grain bread, because I have two loaves of it, fresh from the co-op yesterday and I wanted to try it out before freezing the other loaf. Romeo pronounced it fabulous…even without the grape jelly he said he used growing up. I mentally gagged when he said it. The purist way is with honey or syrup…in these days it is sugar-free, but at least it is sugar free Maple. He added blackstrap molasses to his and I a touch of local honey to mine. Since neither the molasses or honey is sugar free sometimes think  “why bother” with the syrup being sugar free…Next, I dragged down the super duper food processor and in almost less time than it took to get the zucchini from the ‘fridge, it was perfectly shredded and in a bowl with  the ingredients for Zucchini Bread. While the loaves were baking,I soaked dishes and gathered things to make Salsa Fresca, to accompany the shrimp which would be simply boiled and served with corn on the cob and purple cabbage slaw. Our desert is strawberry shortcake drowning in fresh strawberries and whipped cream. I almost cannot wait!  All of this cooking before noon and after spending hours yesterday making homemade Green Tomatillo Sauce, and homemade tortilla chips for a future dish of Chicken Enchiladas we will have for later this upcoming week. Since I still work fulltime and Romeo is retired, the preparation of the evening meal falls to him. Having the sauce prepared in advance(and quite delicious, too!) the meal come together quickly for him after spending a day in the garden. I like to help my beloved out as much as possible in the kitchen on the weekends…it’s what I do; it’s who I am.