With a little help from my friends

Each year,since 2004 I mark this, the date of my oldest son’s

passing.I do not celebrate his death, only acknowledge that

the mark he left on the earth was one of joy.

His brother, his family and  friends, and lover’s do the same I am certain.

We remember his wit, his charm, his ability to make us

laugh. I remember all of these, and more…

I remember his first play, his first prom, his first girlfriend

and taking him to the bus station when he was going to enlist in the


I remember him constantly sneaking up on me while I was vacuuming

to catch me unaware and scare me. He always  laughed so hard I could not help

but laugh, too. I remember his heartbreak when his best friend and cousin

died suddenly. His grief was so intense it was as if God ripped half of him away too.

I remember when his baby birds were attacked and killed by marauding Fire Ants.

It made my heart hurt to know I had raised a man with such compassion.

I remember the death of his only child.

He left this Earth a better place and that can be no better tribute.


On this night in 1968

I calmed myself at this hour reading

Rosemary’s Baby,

a tale of Gothic horror

by Ira Levin.

The movie, if released, was not yet

known to me.

I was reading, awaiting my labor pains


Motherhood approaches.

I hoped I was up to the


So long I longed for you.

another day would find you,

my first born, safe,

here, in my arms.

I loved you more than air,food,


I miss you more than all of that,

and more…



Warnings always came in whispers

Warnings always came in whispers











Whispered warning signs of dread

Breathed in silence in my head

I still hear the silent screams in restless nightmares of my dreams

Mother’s whispers through the mist

Across eternities abyss











Chinese symbols for the word whisper.

They Might Be Giants



That was the name of a favorite movie of mine

starring George C. Scott. Well done story about

a group of people with mental illness.

These are my Elephant Ear Caladiums,Giant Colocasia They also

are growing to be giants this year. The plants have been

moved to various spots in my yard on three separate occasions;

they are about 23 years old. The trunk of this particular

plant is about 10 inches around and taller than me. The fence

is six feet tall to give an idea of the scale.



IMG_0694   IMG_0602

Scattered throughout my yard are vines and plants

suitable for feeding visiting butterflies. In some years

I have nearly no Passion Vine flowers or Milkweed.

This year, I have lots of flowers and seeing butterflies

are more rare. As we do not poison our land I suspect

the culprits responsible are elsewhere in the area.

My Passion Vine, one of nearly 500 plants in the

Passiflora genus, Passiflora Incarnata or commonly

called Maypop, is usually foot for the caterpillars Gulf

Fritillary and Zeba Long wing.. I have seen very few of either

this year. I would gladly sacrifice some blooms  for butterflies.

The Zebra Longwing Butterfly.( photo from Internet,I have seen it in both black and white

and yellow and black…it also loves cucumbers, of which I have many.

Plumeria Blooming

I received my first stock

from the woman my father married,

a few years after our Mother died. They were

both eighty and set in their ways-she was

a hard-headed woman of German descent.

She snapped off a piece of hers

without fanfare,

jammed it in a discarded pot of dirt

and said, “here you go.Just  don’t leave it

outside in the cold or you’ll kill it-like your dad

almost did mine.” I cringed.

That was about as nice to me as she ever was.

Sad to remember her when I see my lovely