by the dawn’s early light

Frog songs beckoning
"Look what the nighttime left us!"
Epiphyllum blooms.

©Nancilynn Saylor
6 October 2017


“Sing for your supper and you’ll get breakfast! Songbirds always eat…”

Northern Cardinals, Tufted Titmice, and Chickadees, and the
an occasional Sparrow or two,
drop in and fly out of the feeders as if it were the checkout line at a cafeteria
White Wing Doves know they are safe at the big wooden feeder in the Sycamore tree; it's hunting season but still they gorge as if is their last meal!
No fear.
This is a no kill space.

Recently, a flock of great American Grackles have appeared to noisily squeak and clack as they clean up the white wing's leftovers below the feeder.

For the past week I've watched a petite finch stop in to eat, it's reddish breast feathers shining in the early sunlight.

I've trained myself to ignore the sound of rushing trucks and cars and the cacophony of motorcycles-just getting on with their day in suburbia,

not unlike these birds
and this aging couple who keep the feeders full of millet and black oil sunflower seeds.

Today I am headed to my neighborhood park.
A friend told me that she saw Blue Herons there-
blown inland from the recent hurricane in the Gulf.

I need to go see!

©Nancilynn Saylor 8 September 2017
Photo at Port Aransas, TX winter of 2016( I did not see any today.)

Good morning, America; how are you?

I can tell you how I am.

I am sickened by the thought of a pack of teenagers

filming a disabled man

drowning in a pond in front of them

Laughing as they watched and recorded the event. Cocoa, Florida sounds like a sweet spot residing at the entrance to

The gates of Hell.

No laws broken.

No charges filed.

Karma and my prayers for justice.

I could meet out justice but the land I loved suffers


Saint Louis



Heavenly Father-

Send the comets!

(Or apologize to Sodom and Gamorrah.) Sadness breeding anger tonight

©Nancilynn Saylor.                                    21July 2017

You are always on my mind…

Waking up to another day.                    without you here,                                             on this the, thirteenth year.                                

I know you’d be smiling just                                  knowing it is going to be another hot       

sun-baked summer day-                            you’d be looking for someplace to swim &.                       something to put in the grill.                       

You are probably thinking how I can still have tears…                                                  

after so long.                                                      

I’ll likely always begin these remembrance days                                                                 

with a lump in my throat as                                  I blink back hot tears.                                    

The hug I feel around my shoulders      seems almost real today.                                                

I love you my dear firstborn son.                                       I always will. 

Keep watch over your brother and your friends                                                             who keep the spark of your memory alive.                                             

Death has not diminished our bond. 

©Nancilynnn Saylor                                        10 June 2017