Wish you were here…

I awakened  after a night of restless dreams to a sweet text message from one of my late son Steve’s high school friends. He always adored Jo and they participated in theater arts together…he truly loved her for her beautiful heart.

I have a some sweet special friendships with many of his friends from high school and am happy to report that it is a positive result from FaceBook. Social media can have some positive benefits . 

My sons had a wild and wacky relationship growing up. They often fought like siblings can do, but would defend each other like knights, against the dragons of the outside world! 

I miss my oldest boy and know his brother, Mike, does too! 

So thank you, dear “JoJo” Daly-Di Nova, for this morning surprise picture from your ten year reunion. Love those beautiful smiles!

© Nancilynn Saylor                                         16 February 2017

“…to every thing there is a season”

While working last week, my friend and I heard a thump

on the plate glass picture window of the shop…

I had a sickening feeling in my stomach

because I’ve heard such thumps


I sighed as I went to the door and looked out.

A small bird lay, stunned, below on the sidewalk.

Rushing over, I stooped and gathered her up in my hand.

She was a tiny, immature female Cardinal.

My very favorite bird-  more admired and revered even above an Eagle.

They often appear to me and remind me of loved ones  who are gone.

I took the tiny creature inside.  Her neck wobbled too freely.

My friend held her as

I reached for a small box to set her in.

     In my heart

I wanted her to just be stunned. My brain

knew better.

Her feathers were as soft as kitten fur.

Before I could turn back

her spirit slipped away.

Her season

so soon

was over.

©Nancilynn Saylor

photo from Pintrest of immature female Cardinal

Image result for tiny dead female cardinal

gods as companions

gods as companions
we were never so
as a species…
to hold up our end
Companions were sent:
Wild flowers
Spring breezes
Nothing took hold- until arrived
In our most lame moments,
dogs like! Gilligan, he

Of snaggled tooth and curly, beige hair!
He, who wondered why

I thought I was in charge-,

When, clearly

he knew differently.
He stayed for seventeen years

and herded me,

Wherever I was supposed

to go.
And, upon my arriving at the place,
He lay beneath my feet
and breathed his last…
I scarcely lived through the next five days
before getting another rescue
no one else
I could not bear to walk in the door
of a house that had no dog!
you or me?
What a mess you were
scarred from repeated foiled escapes

or escapades
you, looking just like Toto
welcomed me
your Dorothy-
clicked my heels
three times
and you were home.
Tomorrow makes a week
that you too, are gone
Seventeen years- twelve by my side!
Oh my dog, my dog
you have forsaken me.
My heart still cannot take a breath
without tears.

©Nancilynn 2016

For sweet Jesse


It is before first light, I make

my way through the house without

piercing the veil of solitude.

Through the one window open

somewhere, the chirping of a toad

Echoes here to this spot

where I sit reflecting on seasons.

This week,

a dear, sweet friend breathed his last

hard breath on earth &

transitioned to another plain.

My saddened heart,

Joined countless others,

broken by his passing.

His journey and suffering here



Angel wings.

I will miss his smiles.

© Nancilynn Saylor

Adventure in the Ordinary


we met for lunch at noon

as arranged

a nagging  pain in my back

persistently present…

outdoors, the hot July sun would bake us

and everyone else…

so we are

off on an indoor adventure

of body/mind/spirit

aches, pains

will have to wait

another day.

Or so I thought…

Fabulous lunch with excellent company

quick trip to ladies room and we would be

on our way!



The quick trip

ended up with me, sprawled on the ground.

Stepped off poorly designed gravel sidewalk

outside the resturant,

and went flying…

Knee hurting, foot hurting

pride-not really. I am used to it…

This did not deter either of us…

as shown by smiling faces at end of the afternoon.


© Nancilynn Saylor 2016

Photo of my cute friend who tried to break my fall!