A Journal

it was to be a day of cosmic joy

that day, long months past-

an ordinary January


Joy came on the

sweeping in

of cherished friends,

Manuel and Alessandro-

treated me to Sunday brunch…

gifted me with an elegant

leather journal

gilt-edged pages.

they are

dear ones

who stir the heart,

inviting words to flow

from the soul outward

to the page. These two

who delight,

because of their total


and love.

©Nancilynn Saylor 2016

Riotous color

She smiled up at me


Her riotous hue 


Of Lilac Champagne  lipstick

Made By Revlon

Worn by my mother 

I don’t remember a single

tube of lipstick 

I wore 

Waxy- is the only memory

Of lipstick I 


Nancilynn Saylor 2016

Picture of Desert Rose in bloom today

Poem for a Zebra Long wing

I watch

you dip and fly

dancing, leaf to leaf,

taking ease any place you land-

eluding my lens as if I mean to steal your soul.

Your visage burns into my memory

I have no designs on your soul-

just an image to sustain me

through winter’s coming chill.

© Nancilynn Saylor

Photo of Zebra Long Wing Butterfly

resting on  Magnolia tree limb.


IMG_2063 (Edited)

Winds of change

Sometimes sleep comes late into the night

then rising creates challenges.


Will my day mirror the world outside my door?

I ponder my own statement as I step into

the gray soupy fog that blankets the drive.


Out of sync with myself, morning

coffee delayed by an hour or more…


instead of a caffeine jumpstart

there is a slow roll of becoming conscious

without stimulation.


stimulation comes bearing good news

on its wing

the vagabond poet of my youth

wins Nobel Prize

for literature.


this day may swirl with fog

& perhaps later

a hard rain’s gonna fall.


© Nancilynn Saylor


Morning on the street where I live