Weekend winding down

Today there were highs and lowsI went to see a high school musical this afternoon. My eldest son Steve was a theatre arts person in school and was very good at it. We spent lots of time over four years watching as the students learned their craft and bloomed on stage. Today, one of his classmate’s daughter was in the play-Morgan, a freshman, was wonderful in her role. I thought a lot about my departed son during the intermission. 

After the play, I hurried home to watch my team in the football ūüŹą 

playoffs. I had prepared homemade enchiladas for supper and Romeo had them in the oven when I arrived home. 

Now, it is nearing bedtime. The dinner was wonderful, the football game-not so much. My team lost. 

Go Pittsburgh! Next year will be another year for you!

I hope everyone has had a great and relaxing weekend. I’ll be back again tomorrow!
©Nancilynn Saylor, January 2017

 About Marching

I have always controlled my own body. I did not need to march for that right to do so. 
I worked for over 50 years and it was pretty easy to find work. I did not march to find it. 

I never felt I  needed to march to make my point to elected officials either. I called them on the telephone or wrote letters and  I VOTED  IN EVERY ELECTION. 

I am pretty certain I paid the same price at the gas pump and grocery store as those with more money than I had. When there were gas shortages I did have to wait in a long line more than a few times. 

I was never on public assistance,  but for many years I had no insurance on my children. If we went to doctors we paid the bill. Thank goodness we were pretty healthy. There were a few lean years that a few extra free dollars would have made life a little easier. 

I learned how to sew and how to cook, garden, and can food. I believe in recycling and composting. 

I never asked for anything from the government. 

I do not mind that people can get assistance when they are “in a pinch.”

I have known people that I helped who needed money for food, spend the money given to them on rib eyes and porterhouse steaks and lobster, when they told me they were down to a few cans of food in their pantry. That $100 could have filled their pantry with beans, rice and healthy nutritious foods. I grew up in a family of seven- we ate lots of beans.  As a matter of, I had pintos for dinner last night. They were great!

It was interesting to see the marchers on television. It looked like a great happening. 

I am not a fan or crowds-be it a mobs or riots or traffic jams. 

I don’t think marching makes anyone better off than someone who did not march. 

But if it was a good way to make you feel better-you should do it and often. 

As I said in the beginning, I have always controlled my body-also my mind. I have learned to have a healthy questioning attitude. I don’t embrace every news story or every new idea I read. 

 Although I certainly don’t mind if anyone else does. 

©Nancilynn Saylor January 2017

The fog is lifting

…at least in my corner of the world.           I awoke to thick haze of fog and by sunrise it was clearing.                                         Today our country swears in our new President, to the joy of many and to the grumbling of others. It was that way the last election, too, I recall.                                    I have watched many inauguration ceremonies in my lifetime- some celebrating the candidate of my choice and other times just celebrating the fact that I enjoy living in a country where we have the privilege and right to both choose our candidates and vote… so many countries do not enjoy this.                      So, celebrate today or moan and groan and whine about it-if that makes you feel like a “better” American. I respect the office of the Presidency-if my choice is putting their hand on the Bible today or sitting respectfully on the dais watching. 

By the dawns early light tomorrow, we have a new leader at the helm. God bless our new leaders and lighten the burdens of those who wish failure for them.             I continue to be an optimist- for gloom and doom serves no one. 

©Nancilynn Saylor January 2017

Photo of United States Capital today

Courtesy of Google 

My dad’s birthday

My dad was born on January 8, 1923. He passed just a month before his 91st birthday.

He liked spicy foods, reading good books and watching football or other sports, on television.

I woke up this morning thinking of him and missing him.

I spent my day making homemade Salsa and watching my favorite football team.

Happy birthday in Heaven, Daddy.  I love and miss you!

©Nancilynn Saylor January 8, 2017